It’s been a while since I’ve written about my running adventures, and so much has happened. But to be frank, I got a little lazy. Since I last posted, I ran the London Marathon and Berlin, NYC, I ran dozens of halfs (one where I fainted at the end-true story bro), but they were all disappointing at the time. But, that was before March, before our entire lives were put on pause. Since doing one of the things I love to do is now wrought with fear and consternation, should I run outside? Did that person running by me have the virus? He was awfully close, sigh.

Before March, I was in peak training condition (at least according to my Garmin watch) to run the London Marathon for the second time in April. I was focused, and disciplined in following my training plan. So, I got up consistently around 5 am and did my 6, 10, 9 miles before heading out to work. 2020 will be the year that I hit my crazy running dreams, that’s what I said every morning when I left my warm home to run out in the cold. I diligently ran my 10 miles, my 16 miler, my back to backs on the weekends with a laser focus on breaking four in London. Around the beginning of March, I started to have doubts, I skipped a few runs, pain started to surface, my body was tired, and sadly as the news of the virus’s spread increased, my will and mental focus grew tired. I went from being determined to disappointed. Now that I am a month into sheltering in place, I think I am renewed in my focus and I am lucky to be able to take the time to get to this point. Now, it is time to step away from the ice cream, the Netflix binges and the homemade breads and get back to running (even if it is running in place as I keep my social distance from these maniacs that don’t follow the rules, but I digress). I am after all, a girl who runs the world! Stay tuned.


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