Starting Over

Last year, I ran over 5 halfs, struggled through one full marathon and ran countless smaller races.  I did this all while battling an illness. In fact, when I told my Dr that I was a runner and intended to run a marathon in my condition, his first question after a long pause, was “how are you able to move?” I don’t know, I guess stubbornness, ignorance, defiance and some denial led me to keep running between the tests, the countless days spent in bed and the side effects of my medication.

So here I am, five months after a successful surgery, lacing up my shoes, rising at the crack of dawn, and having that inner debate to get up and run or spend another hour in bed.

I’m currently reading Murakami’s memoir “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” and I’m like dude get out of my head! I’ve been kicking around this idea of keeping track of my runs, since I run in very random cities and places. So here I am on the Inetrnet-oy!

Running saved my life, but it’s been 5  months since my last run, (yes, I ran 2 weeks before my surgery) my core is weak, my legs are like lead, my arms are mush and I’m a few pounds heavier. This is not a weight loss thing, I’m well within my normal weight range just on the higher side, My running clothes are a little snug, but 2 weeks of training should take care of that easily.

My goal is to complete the NYC marathon in November, I plan to keep track of my progress here. Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Great start. If you run I intend to be at the finish in Central Park to congratulate you for finishing the run and for your courage and determination


  2. don’t know if my last message sent from my BB reached you so here it is again…I will be following your progress. Should you decide to run the NY Marathon look for me at the finish line – I will be there to congratulate you on the run and on your courage and dedication


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