Mystery Solved!

When I was able to stay in one place for a while, I made it up to 48 miles per week. This is important to help me build endurance for running 26.2 nonstop. I still need to work on my speed. But nothing beats this guy’s endurance! Whenever I had the opportunity to run in this park, I’d see him no matter the time, now I know why.

Here are a few photos from my runs and workouts in August.

Sunrise run:



Foggy run
ImageFoImageggy run

Running to the boats



One thought on “Mystery Solved!

  1. Are you done yet? What’s with all the posts on the same day – not that I don’t appreciate the updates. They do sound increasingly positive and that is a good thing. thanks for including the photos. Maybe if you took less time with the photos your time would improve. Keep up the good work


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