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Running in Singapore

So much to share! But first I’ll start with running in Singapore. First thing to know, running in Singapore should generally start before the sun fully rises. It is definitely a running city.  I started by asking my hotel concierge for a suggested running route and they had a handy map with different routes on hand. I was surprised and delighted considering that most of my time so far was spent under ground connecting through different malls. I ventured out mainly at night when the temperature was a little more accommodating.


I definitely enjoyed my visit and enjoyed the two runs that I did while there. First, the general run around the Marina Bay Sands and ending by the Merlion on the opposite side. In all, I ran about 3 miles and timed it perfectly for the sunrise, which was beautiful to see.

Here are some pictures of sights seen on that run.

The second run was a 10k race that felt like a full marathon in the middle of the day with the sun bearing down and a very interesting course, it made for a very challenging 10 miles, one that took me almost two hours to complete. But it was worth it! I don’t think I’d ever get the chance to run in Singapore again so I took full advantage of it. Plus I ad to complete it because I had a friend waiting for me with a home cooked meal. The bib and the medal is one that I will cherish for a long time.


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