Snuggie or Footie?

What a week for my training! It started with breathing issues, then stomach issues, and rain and fatigue and the kitchen sink. I ran a total of 16 miles this week. This was suppose to be my week to run the most miles in my training, but things didn’t quite turn out that way.

I did get in 13 miles on Saturday, but that was not without problems. I ran about 8 miles of the marathon course. I run the part of the course where I think I will have mental rough patches, so I run it over and over again to overcome them, or at least to know what to expect.

I started of well, my fastest mile was at a 8:28 pace. I think I averaged around 8:50 before my ankle started to bother me. I think I ran faster because it was so darn cold outside and I was not prepared. But I made it over the bridge with some discomfort but the best I’ve done so far. I hope I exceed expectations on race day.

So my ankle started to bother me around mile 7 and get really bad around mile 8. I had to run on my toes for the rest of the run and avoid heel strikes as much as possible. The good news is that I do not run on my heels much, only when I’m tired. The bad news is, that this should not be happening so close to my race.

As I was running I did notice that my ankle was turning in crazy directions. I dismissed it as getting use to running on a hard surface after running on the beach. But I couldn’t correct it mid run which made my ankle really sore. I also tied my shoes really loose and didn’t lace them all the way which also contributed to the over pronation that I was experiencing. Really? I should know better right? But I just wanted to get it over with and was too tired to correct these things before I started. Shame on me.

I was able to pop into a sports store and buy an ankle brace, arm warmers and warmer gloves. I was freezing after the run and had to walk to the train. I did meet a camera man for the marathon as I was trying to warm up in a Whole Foods, so maybe he’ll remember me at the start and I’ll get some screen time.

When I finally made it to the train to return home and thought how nice and warm it would be on the train for the short ride. I stepped into the train that was AIR CONDITIONED!!! Really folks, 38 degrees outside and the train has the AC on. Oh well so much for warming up before the long walk home from the station.

I did duck into a Target to try to warm up, it didn’t work. But it did give me an idea for a warm up out fit-Footie Pajamas! Perfect right? They’ll keep me warm and covered for the 4 hours I’ll have to wait at the start. I think they are more fashionable than a garbage bag or a Snuggie. There’s a zebra print one at Target that has my name on it.



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