13 Days To Go!

Oh boy, there’s no turning back now. 13 days to put all of my moaning and groaning, hill repeats, intervals, tempos, long runs, shoe testing, mental fortitude to the test. Am I ready? Who knows? There’s not much I can do to improve the outcome in 13 days. It would be akin to cramming for an exam the night before.

I do feel like I’ve come a long way baby! So even running and finishing the race will be an accomplishment. When I think about this, I get a bit emotional, since it has been a long road to the finish line.

For now, I’m just trying to avoid any injuries, maintain a base and stay healthy until race day. I also need to figure out how the heck I’ll make it to the start of the race and what I will wear. 

I’m looking forward to taking a vacation from running. Bring on the turkey, the christmas cookies, New Years champagne toast! Too soon? Too bad. 

This girl will run the world!


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