Oh Sandy

Well, even if I didn’t want to taper, Sandy has taken care of that. I ran my last long run yesterday, a short 10 miler. I was suppose to run for 13, but I was no match for the wind and neither were the trees. So I thought it was best to quit while I was ahead, less I met my demise via a falling tree branch. All of the leaves blanketing my running route were beautiful, I wish I could have taken a picture of them. They looked like technicolor snow.

I’ve slowed down again, but I’m hoping this rest and one last interval training will help me with this marathon. That’s assuming the marathon takes place after all of this flooding.

While I wait this out, I’m trying to avoid eating all of the cookie dough and other sweets I have around the place. Need to remind myself that I have a race to run.

I am looking forward to the events that hopefully will happen around the marathon.

For now, I hope everyone stays safe and really, to my fellow runners who needed to get one last run in during 40 mph this morning: it really is ok to take a day or 2 off. You’ll be fine, trust me.


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