Sandy Redux

So superstorm Sandy blew into town and my big test got canceled. I’m still processing the cancellation, the reaction and what to do next. So stay tuned.

But before I leave, I’d like to share with you some choice phrases from people who opposed the runners of the 2012 New York City Marathon. As runners we bore the brunt of the backlash that included death threats and overall disdain. We were caught in the middle of a situation beyond our control.  I never thought of running as a selfish act. But in the eyes of many it was after Sandy in NYC.

I run to stay alive. Running saved my life. At times, it was the only thing I did all day-wake up-run-bedrest. It was the reason why I healed so quickly after my surgery. Yet after this marathon experience, for some it is the most selfish thing to do.

These comments below are part of the reason why I’m taking some time to process things before I tell you about my big test day. My running has scaled back a bit, but I’m working my way back to some serious mileage, for what? I don’t know yet. Maybe just for my sanity, maybe to stay alive.

“They could have run their marathon on treadmills powering generators generating electricity so the homeless could charge up their I-phones.”

“It’s all about me…what jerks…….run and get some food ,water ,or medical supplies instead.. help your brother or sister AMERICAN…”

“Congratulations. Now run your a55es over to a relief center and volunteer.”

“What a terrible attitude. It seems to me the least you could have done was brought supplies with you. Cry baby.”

“Many have posted thoughts similar to mine. There are all these people who like and are able to run long distances, and a bunch of people in need, running out of gas. Why not have every runner grab a backpack full of food & water and a 1 gallon canister of gasoline? That’s a win/win!”


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