Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!


I took a little break from running after the NYC Marathon cancellation, my total miles per week during that time was around 10 miles per week. I took some time to eat, drink and be merry. I was fortunate to start the year running! Surprised? I hope not. I felt like a kid at christmas time when I walked into the Nike store to a New Year’s Eve running party and a free midnight run. I’m definitely liking their latest campaign to #makeitcount.

We counted down to midnight, in freezing Central Park. Wiggling and giggling as we waited for the all familiar “happy new year!” Then came the fireworks. We took off and at times I felt like I was chasing the fireworks. As we made our way around the park, the fireworks were at our backs. Some of us ran backwards, some ran sideways to enjoy the show. It was a fun run and a great experience.

So how will I make it count in 2013? From a running perspective, for the first time since I started to run, I can run without interruption, no surgeries, no anemia. Just healthy, strong and happy feet. My first race is in March and I’ve started to train for that and hope to improve my results from my last half marathon. My primary focus will be halfs this year and I will run the NYC Marathon.

I’m excited and motivated, and ready to kick asphalt!



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