Running in Regents Park

I’m back from my european tour. I managed to get one good run in during me trip to London. I ran in Regent’s Park. Regent’s Park is one of the Royal parks. It covers about 395 acres and includes the London Zoo. Henry VIII once used it as hunting grounds and today it is a beautiful green space for Londoners (and visitors) to enjoy.

I ran the outer loop of the park which was roughly 3 miles. I was joined by many other runners and cyclists on a crisp morning in February. I was tempted to explore the inner trails of the park, but I thought it best to stick to a path I could not get lost running. But I hope to have the opportunity to return to run more of the paths that I saw on my run, including Primrose Hill.

What’s great about this park is that they provide running routes, six of them.  The routes are designed for most level of fitness from beginner to advanced. You can also map your own route using their online tool. The park also has showers at The Hub for convenience.

The outer loop is designed more for solo runners, not running groups. It is relatively flat, but has its challenges. The park also has a dirt track which I used for some speed runs after the 2.76 mile run around the loop. My run was a bit longer since I ran from my hotel to the park. I enjoyed this run a lot, I enjoyed the scenery, the instructions and maps were clear and it felt very safe. There was a good amount of foot traffic, people commuting using their bicycles, and light vehicular traffic during the morning commute. The park maps also tells you your distance to the nearest tube station, which I found helpful.

The run was also very peaceful and it made me feel like a local. Here are some pictures from the run.

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